Website Maintenance

You may already have an existing website, and only need periodic maintenance of the site or a targeted refreshment with new information. Maintenance and web site updates are crucial to keep your visitors coming back again and again and prevent repeat customers from growing tired of a static site. Isn’t it attractive and even pleasurable, to find a company proudly announce its “new” “redesigned and user-friendly” or “updated” website?” Such maintenance grabs the visitor and holds attention, maximizing the benefits to you.

Like any critical tool to your livelihood, a good website is an investment that must be properly cared for an maintained to work best for you. It cannot simply be posted and then forgotten. The most effective websites are well maintained, routinely updated and frequently evaluated and re-tooled for improvement. Like a guitar player changing old strings or a mechanic carefully wiping down and storing his tools, your website must be maintained to achieve the best possible results. Take care of the site that takes care of your business.

Website maintenance services are typically billed by the scope of work involved. Our maintenance rates are very reasonable and affordable varying according to your requirements and specifications.

Virtue is proud of its expertise in the effective re-design of websites. In making these changes, we often point out better ways to do things, which makes the existing site more effective, more attractive and easier to navigate. Our mission is not simply to make tweaks–our mission is to make it better for you, even if you don’t want an entirely new website. We also develop redesigns to be search engine friendly and compliant with current web standards.

If you have an existing website that needs a partial or complete make-over, or even just a few updates or tweaks, no problem. We can help you with your existing website and make it into a productive website. If your not happy with your current site, contact us via +254 723 326 251, or via email at We are happy to evaluate your website and help you upgrade and re-create a first class site.